"When entrusting someone to sell your most complex asset, the business you've poured your heart and soul into, you need expert advice and someone you can trust. I take on a limited number of listings to ensure my clients get a premium service.  Let me help you achieve your goal and the best possible price."

Alan Dufty, Business Broker

A database with over 6000 registered buyers is one tool used by Alan Dufty to find a buyer for your business.



On their in-house database, Barker Business Brokerage has over 6,000 registered national and international buyers looking for businesses ranging from $200K to $100M.  After over 9 years in the industry, it's more than likely Alan already knows the perfect buyer. 


Let Alan help you achieve your goal quickly and painlessly, selling your business for the best possible price.

Calculations made by Alan Dufty to help find out how much your business is worth in today's market



Appraising a business is far more complex than appraising a house.  Every business is different. Why not let Alan help you find out what your business could be worth in today's market?

Contact Alan today for a free, no-obligation and totally confidential appraisal of your business...

An experienced business broker, someone who really knows his stuff

can add huge value by attracting more than one buyer, creating a more

competitive environment.  Alan specialises in multi-offer situations 

helping you achieve the best possible price for your business.


THE PROCESS - Selling your Business


If you’re thinking of selling your business, please call for a confidential, no-obligation chat. Learn more about the process and what you need to have organised to prepare your business for sale. Even if you haven't 100% decided to sell your business, this is an excellent exercise for business owners to go through. 

Meet Confidentially.

Either at Alan's office or at a location convenient to you. The sales process will be thoroughly explained, along with the marketing techniques to be employed and costs. Any initial questions or concerns you may have can be discussed.  Alan will advise what information he will need to appraise your business.

To work out the potential market value, several appraisal techniques will be used to find the best one that suits your business. These techniques consider; stock value, asset value, financial history, financial projections and historic business statistics from sales within the same sector.


Once our Barker Business Standard Agency Agreement is signed, Alan can get to work preparing the documentation needed to sell your business. Alan needs to understand the intricacies of your business - to sell it, he needs to know it. A comprehensive Information Memorandum (IM) to market your business can then be compiled and forwarded to qualified, serious buyers later in the process.


An advert is written highlighting the attributes of your business. Confidentiality is assured by avoiding disclosing too much information.  An intensive marketing campaign begins and any interested parties submit a Confidentiality Agreement if they'd like to learn more about your business.  Once Alan has qualified/vetted the buyers for you they will receive the full IM.  Alan will facilitate meetings between the business owner and any potential buyers.


Attracting more than one buyer to the table is key to achieving the best possible price.  Alan specialises in controlling this process to ensure buyer interest peaks at the same time to encourage a multi-offer situation.  With years of experience across a broad spectrum of the market, Alan has often had to think outside of the box to structure a deal that works for both you the business owner and the buyer.


Once an offer is accepted and a Sales & Purchase Agreement signed, there is a set period for due diligence and any other conditions detailed within the Agreement to be met.  This is a crucial part of the process and a time when the buyer needs to feel secure in the knowledge they are making the right investment. Alan makes it a priority to help both the business owner and buyer, providing constant support, advice and assistance every step of the way.

Due Diligence.

Congratulations!  The deal is nearly done.  Even though all the terms and conditions of the Agreement have been met and the sale of your business has gone unconditional, there is still more work to do.  Alan will give  both you and the buyer all the support and additional information needed to ensure a smooth settlement and a done deal.