“I am a dynamic, hard working, down to earth guy who thrives in his job and loves spending time with his family. I'm extremely proud of the success I've had in helping my clients  sell their businesses and I take great pleasure in seeing them justly rewarded for all their hard work and efforts." 

Alan Dufty, Business Broker

Highly motivated and a true salesperson, Alan makes it a priority to get to know you and the finer details of your business so he can present a compelling proposition to potential buyers.  To ensure his clients get a high level of service and the result they deserve, he takes on a limited number of listings. When you decide the time is right to sell, you can guarantee Alan will go the extra mile to protect your interests, working tirelessly to get you the best possible price.

With business sales, confidentiality is paramount - particularly in New Zealand where the market is small.  Care must be taken when trying to attract the right buyers to a business.  To that end, Alan conducts himself with the utmost discretion and integrity at all times.  Coming from a design engineering background, he has a no-nonsense, logical thought process but at the same time is a creative problem solver.  You learn more with every deal sold, looking at Alan's track record it's fair to say he really knows his stuff.

Being personable, honest and an excellent communicator - Alan's down to earth personality will help make all parties comfortable throughout the sale process.  Believing people don’t like to make decisions whilst under pressure, Alan feels a relaxed, informative yet professional approach to a potentially stressful process has been key to his success. 

Most importantly, he knows how to close a deal.


In addition to his interest in business, Alan is a keen traveller and sportsperson – snowboarding all over the world. He enjoys most ocean sports including diving, fishing, kite surfing and wakeboarding. When he's not working for his clients, Alan loves to spend as much time as he can with his family - especially when they manage to get away fishing and camping.